Who is Web Hosting For?
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Who is Web Hosting For?
The internet has been an integral part of our lives for a while now. Many people depend on the internet daily for their work, social, shopping, and entertainment needs. Almost all businesses have a website because it's the easiest and most cost-effective way of marketing and making profit. But you don't have to own a company to create a website. In fact, millions of bloggers around the world post about their favorite food, movies, games, hobbies, crafts, and everything imaginable. After COVID, website ownership boomed, hitting an all time high. The every day things we took for granted, such as going to school, the gym, and restaurants all either had to transition online, or ceise to exist. With the growing demand for web hosting, more affordable, practical options have appeared. Web administration didn't only belong to the businesses anymore. Now it must be accessible for all.

Online Store

People turn online to sell their goods for many reasons. They don't have to hire a staff to run a store front or restock, and their shops remain online 24/7. Plus no risk of shoplifting!


It's honestly therapeutic to post about your thoughts, likes, or hobbies for people who don't even know you to read. They can't judge you beyond what you put in words!


For the artists in us all, a website is the perfect place to share your talent. Photos, paintings, music, movies.. Your works will never fade. There are an infinite amount of reasons to create and maintain a website. These are just a few. It's important to find a web host that is affordable, and provides plenty of benefits. Unlimited Infinity offers unlimited web space and bandwidth for just $20/year, with a free Domain Name included (yourpage.com).

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