Whether you’re a book store owner or a bookstore affiliate, you’ll find some great benefits to using They include a profit share pool for non-bookstore affiliates, Commissions for bookstores and Challenges for competitors. You’ll also find custom book lists that you can use on your own website.

Commissions for bookstores

Whether you run a small bookstore, a publishing company or simply love books, you can become an affiliate for and earn commissions from every sale. The company was launched by Andy Hunter, the founder of Electric Literature, Catapult and Soft Skull Press.

It’s a virtual storefront that uses cookies in web browsers. Users can search for a store’s name in the top-left corner and buy books from that store. You can also buy gift cards for other customers. You can use your store’s name as a commission link, or simply give the commission to the store you chose. Then you’ll receive a receipt email that includes information about your store and upcoming events.

You can earn commissions by recommending products to customers. You can link to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and also offer customers coupons and product data feeds. You can also offer dynamic links and banner ads, and you can receive newsletters with optimization tips.

Profit-share pool for non-bookstore affiliates

Getting your paws on a free Bookshop gift card is a snap. Just go to their website and sign up. They’ll handle the rest of the logistics. They’ll even throw in free delivery. The company boasts 50,023 affiliates at last count. You might want to consider getting one of these freebies as a stocking stuffer this holiday season.

The Bookshop website will also let you create a personalized URL. While they may be best known for books, they can also help you sell your stuff to their customers. In the process, you can earn some cash. As an added bonus, they will also let you create an affiliate page if you’re an indie bookseller. This is a win-win, as you get to hawk your wares to their customers while they get to shop for your next big read.

Challenges for competitors

During the last fiscal quarter, Amazon reported sales of $75.5 billion, an increase of 26 percent from the year-ago quarter. Amazon accounts for 70 percent of online book sales. However, Barnes & Noble has struggled to compete with Amazon. A new company called wants to help independent bookstores succeed by providing a platform for online book sales.

Founded in January 2020, Bookshop is a social-commerce site that functions as an online book store. It combines the convenience of online shopping with a community outlook. It allows indie booksellers to unite and reap the rewards of their success. The site pays a generous 10% commission to affiliates, and a more generous 75% to local book stores.

Bookshop aims to give authors, publishers, and book stores a fair deal. It also gives stores a large share of its profits. Its affiliate program has a large network of 30,000 affiliates. In addition, booksellers who recommend books get a cut of the sales.