Cambivo Benefits Review

Cambivo is a fresh company with some impressive products. Their compression socks and knee brace have proven popular with those seeking relief from discomfort. They also offer a variety of resources on their website including free E-books.

Micky recommends the sleeves for hybrid workouts that feature light barbell work, but doesn’t think they are ideal for heavy training days. They don’t provide enough support in leg extension for heavy loads.

Compression Socks

Compression socks are designed to apply consistent pressure to your feet, ankles and calves. This forces your vascular and lymphatic systems to work more efficiently, helping prevent fluid buildup, swelling and blood clots.

The level of compression is indicated by a number, often in millimeters of mercury (mmHg). Anything less than 15 mmHg is considered light compression. Those with mild to moderate edema or at risk of DVT should consider socks with this level of pressure, Mahlay says.

Thrombo-embolic deterrent (TED) stockings, which have higher levels of compression, are typically prescribed by your doctor or pharmacist and require a professional fitting. TED hose can help prevent blood clots while you are sedentary for long periods of time, such as on a long flight. These are recommended for those at risk of DVT, including people who recently underwent surgery, pregnant women and anyone with a history of a blood clot in the past. They are also a good option for people who suffer from venous reflux disease or varicose veins.

Knee Brace

With dual patella tendon support straps and a gel pad, this knee brace provides stability and helps relieve pressure on the knee. It’s comfortable to wear during exercise or for extended periods of time.

Knee sleeves are similar to neoprene braces and slip over the knee. They may have an opening for the patella and straps or a buttress around the patella to limit movement and reduce pain from tracking issues. They also offer warmth and compression, but don’t provide as much stability as a hinged brace.

Some people find the material scratchy and uncomfortable. Others say they wish the product included the gel pad that is shown in the image. The optimum knee compression promotes muscular endurance, boosts athletic performance, and increases recovery speed. These compression knee sleeves can be used for sports, such as running or jumping, and everyday activities like going up and down stairs or walking. They are also recommended for arthritis or chronic knee pain.

Yoga Mat

Practicing yoga on a regular basis promotes well-being and spiritual growth. One of the tools used to perform yoga is a mat. It provides grip and stability for practitioners, but it also functions as a sacred space. Rolling out a yoga mat marks the start of a mindful session, creating an environment where the mind and body are in harmony.

Cork yoga mats provide a non-slip surface that prevents slippage during poses. They are also hygienic and easy to clean. Cork is naturally antimicrobial, and it can help prevent the formation of bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Yoga mats made from natural materials such as jute, hemp, and cotton are more eco-friendly than PVC, but they may not have as much traction. They are often paired with rubber, cork, or another material for extra cushioning and traction. They can also be a bit heavier than other options.


Many businesses use blogs to promote their products and services, but Cambivo also uses them to share information that will help people live healthy lifestyles. Their blog covers topics like healthy eating and different ways to use their yoga equipment. It also provides tips that can be used by non-yoga practitioners. In addition, it has a blog in Spanish for those looking to learn the language. It’s a great way to learn new vocabulary words and interact with people from other cultures and geographies.