Cambly Benefits For Tutors

Many Cambly tutors cite the flexible schedule and fair cancellation policy as positive benefits. Tutors also appreciate the easy application process and weekly payout.

Unlike other teaching platforms, Cambly does not require you to have a bachelor’s degree or teaching certification. You can set your own hours and sign up for priority hours to increase your bookings.

1. Flexibility

As one of the first online ESL companies, Cambly offers a flexible schedule for its teachers. Tutors do not need a teaching degree or certification to work with the company, and they can start working with students instantly — no pre-scheduled lessons required.

Unlike many online English as a second language tutoring companies, Cambly focuses on conversational learning instead of lesson planning. This flexibility can be a huge benefit for teachers who want to avoid the hassle of planning lessons and preparing classroom materials.

Tutors can log in to work at any time and chat with students who are learning English for different reasons, from doctors in India to film directors in Turkey. Tutors can also choose to sign up for priority hours, which will guarantee a certain amount of paid calls.

2. Flexibility in scheduling

Cambly tutors work with students from around the world in English lessons that are billed by the minute. Tutors do not have to meet any minimum number of hours and can choose when they want to teach.

Tutors can even sign up for priority hours, which is when Cambly expects a higher call volume. They can also decide whether they want to make that time part of their regular teaching schedule or use it to fill in gaps in their workload.

Additionally, teachers can take time off without penalty as long as their students and Cambly are notified with at least 12 hours’ notice. This flexibility makes it easy for tutors to fit their work into their daily lives. This is particularly important for professionals working in global organizations or individuals who travel often.

3. Flexibility in payment

Cambly offers flexible payment options including direct deposit, Paypal, or biweekly payments. This flexibility is perfect for students, digital nomads, or anyone else who needs a little extra income.

Cambly is an online ESL teaching platform that matches English learners with native English speakers for casual conversational lessons. They are open to tutors from all over the world, and there are no quotas or strict scheduling requirements.

With a computer, a good internet connection, and a quiet space to teach, you can start earning right away. Cambly is ideal for first time tutors as it doesn’t require a degree, certification, or previous teaching experience. It is also a great option for students looking to make some money over the summer. The flexible schedule makes it easy to fit into your busy life.

4. Flexibility in working with students

Cambly tutors are matched one-on-one with students who want to practice their English conversation skills, take an online English course or prep for the IELTS or TOEFL exams. Unlike other ESL teaching companies that require teachers to use props and classroom games, Cambly classes are more like laid-back conversations with students.

Students decide what they want to cover during their lessons, and tutors can offer resources, suggestions and encouragement as needed. Tutors can also choose to work priority hours, when Cambly has a higher call volume, and get guaranteed pay for 15 minutes regardless of how many calls they receive.

Students come from all walks of life — from Doctors in India to film and television professionals in Turkey, and everywhere in between. They all need to improve their English.

5. Flexibility in working with adults

Cambly offers a unique way to work remotely as an English tutor. Its students come from all over the world and it allows you to work with people from different countries and cultures.

Students can book group lessons or individual sessions to learn English as a second language. They can also enroll in a Cambly course to learn business English, prepare for IELTS testing, or brush up on conversational skills. Cambly offers multiple plans to suit students’ needs, and they can schedule their lessons on a whim or through advance reservations on the website or mobile app.

Unlike many other teaching platforms, cambly does not require a degree or TEFL certificate to teach English as a second language. They do, however, recommend that teachers have a clear, friendly headshot and follow the company dress code.