Benefits College Students is the best place to find sports fans from across the globe, and it’s also the perfect place to purchase tickets for your favorite teams. The site’s membership programs are a great way to save money, and many offer exclusive benefits. These include access to a members-only section, free shipping and more. Plus, if you’re a college student, you can get access to the Xtreme Fan’s student membership program.

X-treme Fans

X-Treme Fans is the official student section of Xavier University. If you’re a Xavier student you can attend men’s basketball games and other athletic events for free! In fact, all home regular season athletic events are free to the Xavier faithful, provided you bring your student ID with you! You can also sign up to be part of the official student organization at Currently, the X-Treme Fans Board of Directors is in the throes of working with Xavier Athletics to make a big splash on campus.

The X-Treme Fans’ board of directors has a long list of responsibilities that include fostering academic, athletic, and social collaborations between the student body and the broader Xavier community. For starters, they’re currently working on a student membership program.

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Xavier University

Xavier University students now have a variety of benefits, including a new student membership program. The X-treme Fans Board of Directors is thrilled to launch this program to expand college experiences for students.

This four-year partnership will provide AAA members with travel benefits for Xavier University athletic programs, including Xavier’s first NCAA tournament appearance in 20 years. It will also provide discounts on Xavier’s athletic venues.

Xavier University offers a student-focused curriculum that promotes core values, leadership and interpersonal skills. Students are able to earn a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree, as well as a Master of Science, or a Doctor of Pharmacy. Xavier has more than 50 majors available, and more than 87 percent of Xavier’s undergraduates apply for need-based financial aid.