How Apna App Benefits You

Apna is a digital recruitment platform for low-skilled workers in India. It helps them find their dream jobs.

Founded in 2019, Apna has become one of the largest job and professional networking platforms in India. Its unique algorithm connects millions of workers to relevant jobs.

Founded by ex-Apple executive Nirmit Parikh, Apna has risen from pre-revenue to a unicorn with a valuation of $1.1 billion within two years of its launch.

1. It helps in finding the right job

Apna is one of India’s fastest-growing job apps and a unicorn startup that enables 80 million job interviews per month. The company helps millions of blue and grey collar workers across the country find jobs.

Apna uses a unique AI algorithm to connect millions of workers with relevant job opportunities. Founded in 2019, it is India’s number one app for blue-collar jobs, serving more than 22 million users and 200 million employers.

It has 70 professional communities where everyone from carpenters to electricians and delivery people can build their networks, share insights on finding work and upskilling. The app also hosts peer learning resources for skills such as English and government exam preparation.

It also offers a platform for employers to post their job openings. Moreover, it provides a secure platform for employers and job seekers to communicate.

2. It helps in building a network

Building a network can help you land the right job and build your career. It will also allow you to connect with other people in your domain and learn from them.

In India, there are hundreds of millions of blue and grey-collar workers looking for meaningful jobs. Apna is aiming to fill that gap by giving blue collars a platform where they can network and find jobs.

To do so, it needed an agile cloud infrastructure that would scale and crunch data from 1.3 billion Indian users, plus a powerful AI platform to enable nimble creation of machine learning models to support its continuously evolving product.

To solve these challenges, Apna turned to Google Cloud and a combination of managed services. These include GKE for infrastructure provisioning and autoscaling, BigQuery for data analysis, and Vertex AI for ML modeling.

3. It helps in learning new skills

There are many soft skills that are necessary to succeed in a professional field. Some of them include communication skills and persuasive skills.

To learn these skills, you can join the Apna app and access a wide range of classes. These courses are designed to help you enhance your skills and make you more employable in the future.

For example, the “Learn English” group can provide you with free interactive language lessons. Another group is the “Business” group that can give you information on various government grants and loans available for entrepreneurship.

The Apna app helps job seekers find local opportunities, network with peers and gain new skills. It also helps them schedule interviews with employers.

4. It helps in building a career

Apna is a job portal and professional networking app in India. The application has a user-centric design and a simple interface that makes it easy for users to navigate. It provides alerts when new jobs are posted that match your qualifications.

Apna aims to level the employment playing field for India’s rising workforce by connecting millions of workers to relevant job opportunities. It uses a unique AI algorithm to help connect employees and employers.

At the core of Apna’s business is solving a gap in network access for blue-collar workers. Tech entrepreneur Nirmit Parikh, who founded the company in 2019, went undercover as an electrician to see how employees struggled with accessing jobs and skilling up.

To address the issue, Parikh launched a smartphone app that leverages proprietary algorithms to drive AI-enabled matches between candidate profiles with employers at a hyperlocal level. It hosts over 70 professional communities where workers from carpenters to electricians and delivery people can build their networks, share insights on finding work and upskilling.