How Genki Forest Benefits From a Health-Conscious Consumer-First Ethos

Founded in 2016, genki forest focuses on creating better-for-you products. It has developed a digitally-informed consumer-first ethos.

It produces drinks that are healthier than other brands, with a focus on natural ingredients. The firm offers a variety of beverage options, including sparkling water and tea.

Genki Forest has a strong retail presence in chain convenience stores, and has been able to grow rapidly since 2016. The company plans to expand internationally in South East Asia.

Healthier Soft Drinks

Many people are becoming more health conscious and looking for a soft drink that doesn’t compromise on taste. Genki Forest uses high quality ingredients in its drinks to make them lightly sweet, refreshing and low in fat and sugar.

For example, its sparkling water is formulated with a mixture of high-quality erythritol and sucralose to replace sucrose, which has a strong sweet taste, but is also very expensive. These two ingredients have a cooling effect and less side effects than other sugar substitutes used in the market, besides having zero calories.

Genki Forest also prioritizes its high-tech production, which reduces the cost of manufacturing. It uses data-driven production methods that eliminate the need for preservatives.

Genki Forest distributes its products offline through chain convenience stores, which have a standard management process and allow them to quickly promote their products. This strategy is effective for promoting brand recognition and building a good reputation among customers.

High-Tech Production

High-tech production is a critical part of Genki Forest’s business model. The company’s flagship product, Soda Sparkling Water, is made in five factories across China.

This model has helped the company achieve a higher level of profitability than its competitors and allowed it to reduce its product costs. In addition, it has allowed Genki Forest to manufacture sparkling water without preservatives.

Moreover, Genki Forest has leveraged its technology to improve customer service and create a unique brand experience. This has also helped the company grow rapidly in China.

Genki Forest’s focus on high-tech manufacturing is a key reason why the company has experienced so much success in its early days. Its products are designed to cater to the needs of Generation Z and Millennial consumers who prioritize health and quality.

Growth in China

China is an important market for Genki Forest and has helped the company to develop new markets. Moreover, China is the world’s largest soft drinks market and it has a large population that is health conscious.

The Chinese beverage industry is also a highly competitive one, especially because there are no significant entry barriers to this business. Hence, Genki Forest aims to become an international brand and take advantage of new technologies.

Besides focusing on e-commerce, Genki Forest is also building offline channels. This is because convenience stores are a key part of the consumer journey in China, and they act as a physical touch point that customers can use to influence impulse purchases.

As a technological company, Genki Forest prioritizes data-driven, high-tech manufacturing, and it has built five of its own factories since 2020. Its own facilities have allowed it to manufacture its products without preservatives and significantly increase capacity and reduce production costs.

Growth in Overseas Markets

In addition to generating sales in China, Genki Forest has begun expanding into overseas markets. Its business development head for South East Asia, Benny Wang, told 36Kr that millennial and Gen Z consumers in these countries are now more health conscious than ever before.

The company is utilizing live-streaming platforms such as Xiaohongshu (RED) and Douyin to reach potential customers in these overseas markets. It has also collaborated with top KOLs, including Li Jiaqi and Weiya, who have shared their experience and knowledge about Genki Forest products on social media.

Despite its relatively small follower base, Genki Forest has made a name for itself through its high-quality content. It has partnered with internet stars such as Li Jiaqi and Weiya, and their live streams on Xiaohongshu have generated significant traffic for the brand. The company also prioritizes data-driven and high-tech manufacturing, using Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) until 2020 before building five of its own factories. This has significantly reduced production costs, as well as allowed it to create its sparkling water without the use of preservatives.