Mileway Benefits

Having the right employee benefits can make a huge difference in your business. They can help you keep your employees motivated and happy, while giving you the peace of mind that they’re in a safe, healthy environment. Here are a few things to consider when looking for employee benefits.

Safety data and records

Having a good set of safety data and records is important for a property management company such as Mileway. While it’s true that the company will not be in the business of inspecting each property, the company will expect its suppliers to comply with the law, and it will provide support to help its contractors manage their assets.

The company’s Code of Business Practice is not only a guide for its own employees, but also for its suppliers and subcontractors. It includes a set of standards for its various business units, as well as a hefty list of requirements that each supplier must follow. Some of the more specific requirements include: establishing a good records system, having a system for measuring energy and water use, and having a system for tracking and storing important safety data and records. It also requires suppliers to adhere to the company’s Supplier Code of Conduct.

The Mileway property management team will use a variety of management software systems to track and control its property portfolio, including digital copies of the contracts that govern its operations. It also will employ a number of experienced property managers, all of whom are committed to a value-oriented controlling strategy.

Energy management

Among the benefits of joining Mileway is the opportunity to work in an innovative, global team. With a portfolio of more than 15 million square meters and a pan-European footprint, Mileway is Europe’s leading owner of last-mile logistics assets. Its properties are occupied by leading household names such as Amazon and FedEx.

Mileway has partnered with EcoReal, a global leader in real estate sustainability, to manage its energy strategy for its properties. The two companies began their partnership early in 2021. Since then, Mileway has signed four new contracts, allowing EcoReal to support the company on eleven new energy renovations for 2022. In addition, Mileway has teamed with Apleona, a leading global real estate management firm, to manage property management and energy efficiency measures for 80 properties.

Mileway and EcoReal also scanned the energy efficiency potential of the company’s properties. Through this work, the two companies concluded that Mileway could save over $4.5 million in annual energy costs. During their collaboration, Mileway will continue to work towards its goals of becoming a net-zero energy business. In order to achieve this goal, Mileway will focus on transitioning to renewable energy, occupant comfort and decarbonisation.