Mushie Benefits

Whether portobellos, shiitakes or lion’s mane, mushrooms are having a moment. They’re not just tasty on their own, but exotic varieties like chaga, cordyceps and reishi have mood-enhancing, energy-boosting, endurance and brain-boosting properties.

But these claims are far from proven, as the FDA doesn’t regulate supplements in the same way that it does drugs. That means they can make big health claims without actually having proof.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly

Mushrooms have been used for centuries as a natural remedy for health conditions, such as inflammatory, antiviral and immune system modulating properties. They also have prebiotic, hepatoprotective and antidiabetic properties. The medicinal mushroom agaricus basidiomyces (commonly known as maitake), for example, contains the polysaccharide grifola frondosa that has a calming effect and helps to reduce stress, improve mood and promote healing.

Today, the health benefits of mushrooms are having a moment. Besides the portobellos and shiitakes you find in your produce section, exotic varieties like chaga, cordyceps, lion’s mane and reishi are showing up in everything from coffees to teas and smoothies to broths and face creams.

Eco-Friendly Design

Mushie is a leading brand in eco-friendly baby products that are Scandinavian designed with modern minimalist designs. From silicone bibs to handmade pacifier clips, organic muslin swaddles and more, we offer safe, stylish products that are as functional as they are beautiful.

We choose durable materials that are long-lasting and sustainable. This helps us avoid wasteful production and extend the product’s lifespan. We also minimize material and fuel consumption during transportation, reducing carbon emissions.

Mushrooms are having a moment, from the ones we eat to those that grace the latest runways. But beyond being tasty, mushrooms have many health benefits.

Reishi, Turkey Tail, Maitake, Chaga and Shiitake contain adaptogens to help balance stress, promote gut and immune health, boost metabolism and reduce inflammation. The result is a calm body and mind. Our DEFEND gummies also include Vitamin D2 sourced from mushrooms exposed to UV light for a value-added immunity boost.

Stylish and Comfortable

The eponymous founder of mushie created her brand during her bedridden pregnancy due to debilitating Hyperemesis Gravidarum. She quickly realized that many childcare products were either over-priced or made of polluting materials. She decided to create stylish, modern and minimalist baby items that were also affordable.

Her designs have received well-deserved press attention. From wood pacifier clips to silicone teething rings, the mushie collection is stylish and functional. The company is also committed to reducing the carbon footprint of production.

Mushie muslin swaddle blankets are perfect for swaddling, nursing, cuddling and nap time. They are pre-washed for softness against your little one’s delicate skin and are designed to last. These eco-friendly baby items will become your go-to essentials that you can use for years to come. They will be loved just as much by your little ones as they are by you. Discover the full mushie line today. The brand offers a variety of baby tableware, pacifier holders, wooden teething rings, silicone bibs and educational toys.


Mushie products are made with the health, safety and development of babies and toddlers in mind. They use safe materials and stylish designs that are affordable. They offer a variety of items including pacifiers, toothbrushes, teething toys, bottle nipples and utensils.

Mushrooms are having a moment, and they’re not limited to the portobellos and shiitakes in your produce section. Suddenly, exotic varieties such as reishi, cordyceps and lion’s mane are popping up in everything from teas to skincare products.

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