Tropicfeel Benefits

After getting their shoes ruined in a hiking trip, Tropicfeel founders Lucas de Gispert and Alberto Espinos set out to design a shoe that was a sneaker, a water shoe, a hiking boot, or a flip-flop—all in one.

With everstox, Tropicfeel has access to specialized logistics partners in Europe who can handle their distribution and fulfill orders. This helps them save time, reduce cost and improve customer service.


Tropicfeel shoes were designed specifically for travelers. The founders of the brand were frustrated with constantly wearing out their sneakers while on the road and decided to create a shoe that would be able to withstand the rigours of travel. The result is a multipurpose shoe that can be used in a wide range of situations, from hiking to exploring a new city.

The shoes are comfortable and breathable, thanks to the use of quick-drying materials. They also come with a small waterproof layer that helps to keep your feet dry in case of rain or water splashes.

The Canyon travel shoes are the most versatile Tropicfeel shoes on the market. They can be worn as hiking shoes, as aqua shoes or as casual sneakers and look pretty smart for a pair of travel shoes. However, they don’t offer much protection from falling or dropped items so if you’re planning on packing a lot of gear in the bag then it may be worth investing in another pair.


Tropicfeel shoes are breathable, which helps keep your feet cool and comfortable during long walks or hikes. They also dry quickly, reducing the need to pack multiple pairs of shoes when traveling. Their modular design also allows you to switch out soles and laces, allowing them to adapt to different environments and activities. This means that you can transition from sneakers for a day of hiking to sandals for a walk along the beach.

Tropicfeel is committed to sustainability, using recycled materials and giving back to the planet. They have partnered with environmental organizations and initiatives, and have made efforts to reduce waste and carbon emissions. They also support reforestation and marine conservation projects.

They have created a range of travel essentials, including backpacks, suitcases and other accessories. Their backpacks pack clothes and toiletries compactly, so you can travel with less baggage while still having everything you need. They are available in a range of colors and styles, so you can find the perfect backpack for your next adventure!


Tropicfeel shoes are durable and made to withstand a variety of environments. They are also breathable and eco-friendly, which makes them an ideal choice for travelers. They’re perfect for light hiking and exploring new cities. The shoes are also water-resistant, which makes them ideal for walking in the rain or around bodies of water.

In addition to being able to adapt to different environments, Tropicfeel shoes are quick-drying. This makes them great for wearing at the beach or on a boat. They also feature a breathable upper and a lightweight construction, which helps keep your feet comfortable throughout long walks.

Another advantage of Tropicfeel shoes is that they’re designed to save space in your backpack. This allows you to pack more gear in a smaller space, which can be a huge benefit when traveling. The shoes can be accessed through the back panel of your bag, which makes it easier to get them in and out.


Tropicfeel is more than a travel gear company — they are a catalyst for change in the industry. Their innovative and versatile travel products empower travelers to embark on meaningful adventures, while minimizing their environmental impact.

Tropicfeel focuses on sustainability throughout the entire production process, from selecting eco-friendly materials to designing functional and durable products. Their Canyon sneakers, for example, are the first travel shoes that allow you to change out the sole and laces to transform them into sandals or hiking boots depending on your activity and environment.

Tropicfeel also prioritizes transparency, allowing their customers to learn about the product materials and supply chain. In addition, the brand aims to reduce their ecological footprint by incorporating recycled plastic waste from oceans and landfills into their shoes and backpacks. In fact, for every pair of their Geyser sneakers produced, Tropicfeel uses 6 recycled plastic bottles.