Urbankisaan Benefits

Urbankisaan is a company that has helped a lot of people grow their own fresh food. This company has used the latest Hydroponics technology to help people create a growing environment in their own homes. They also help to reduce the amount of pesticides that are used in the growing process.


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Hydroponics technology

UrbanKisaan is an online company based in Hyderabad that provides a platform to buy vegetables and herbs grown using hydroponic technology. The company offers home-grow kits as well as supplies to local farmers. It also plans to expand its services to other cities.

With the increasing demand for healthier lifestyles, the global hydroponics market is expected to grow to $16.6 Bn by 2025. It is mainly driven by the increase in population and depletion of fresh water reserves.

Hydroponics is a sustainable way of growing crops without soil. Using this technology, a farmer can harvest any food at any time of the year. This method is especially efficient in densely populated urban areas.

UrbanKisaan is a vertical farming operation that works to revitalize farmlands. Unlike conventional farms, it relies on minimal pesticides and uses less than one percent of the land that is used by traditional agriculture.

In addition to providing consumers with a steady supply of fresh produce, UrbanKisaan also sells to companies and retail stores. These products are sold on a D2C basis.

Growing pesticide-free produce

A company called UrbanKisaan in Hyderabad has built the first vertical farm in India and it is set to make a big splash in the city’s green scene. This startup has a mission to make its name known in the Indian metropolis and plans to expand its operations across the country. So far, it has garnered the attention of a tech taveller, a celebrity blogger and a slew of seed investors. While it might seem like a lofty task, the startup has already managed to raise around $550,000. Currently, it operates a handful of suburban greenhouses in the metropolis. The company plans to expand its operations to 80 farms in the span of a single year.

UrbanKisaan also has a proprietary software suite that manages the seeding and harvesting of its crops. In addition to the green thumb in the making, the company has its eye on the figurative prize of a top-of-the-class IT department. Its motto is “An urban agriculture experience for everyone”. Hence, it’s not surprising that it has found a slew of investors, from South Indian actress Samantha Akkineni to the folks at BASF Venture Capital.