Vitls Benefits From FDA 510(k) Clearance

HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Vitls Inc. has won 510(k) clearance from the FDA for its Vitls Platform, a continuous monitoring system that improves patient outcomes by eliminating delays once vital signs start to deteriorate. The system consists of Tego, a wireless, wearable patch that tracks physiologic data; the Vitls Cloud, where the information is stored and analyzed; and the Vitls App.

Real-time Monitoring

In order to capture multi-parameter vital sign data, Vitls combines the FDA-cleared sensor Tego with its own platform. This enables continuous monitoring of body temperature, heart rate, RR interval, respiration rate, pulse ox (SpO2), movement and sleep cycles.

This real-time data gets transferred to a big data analytics system via a WiFi module. The system calculates the cumulative score of a patient and determines their criticality level.

In the event of a patient’s condition worsening, the app will send an instant notification to a doctor or caregiver. The physician can then respond faster and be more informed. Hence, reducing the chance of a status deterioration or the need to shift a patient to a high-acuity facility. This reduces costs, improves patient outcomes and increases customer satisfaction.

Early Detection of Deterioration

Many of the most important indicators of deterioration are not consistently monitored in general care departments. Instead, they are spot checked by nurses during rounding every four to six hours – leaving time for these crucial assessments to be compromised.

Early detection through vitls reduces length of stay, treatment costs and preventable admissions. It also improves patient outcomes and satisfaction.

One NHS trust reported that vitls alerts saved them over 1 minute per set of observations, releasing 140 hours per day of staff time across their hospital (90 wards). It also reduces critical care admissions and bed occupancy.

Improved Patient Outcomes

Vitls provides a platform for continuous monitoring of vital signs and alerts medical teams when a patient’s condition deteriorates. This helps in improving patient outcomes, reducing treatment costs and lengthening hospital stays through early detection of deterioration, shortening treatment durations and decreasing the likelihood of complications.

Founded in 2016, Vitls is based out of Houston, TX. The company has been included in 6 expert collections. Our analyst-curated collections highlight the most promising companies in software, sensors & robotic hardware, healthcare IT infrastructure and tech-enabled services. These collections help healthcare decision-makers find the best technologies to meet their business needs.