Weverse Announces New LIVE Feature

HYBE Entertainment’s fan community platform

Hybe Entertainment’s fan community platform, Weverse, recently announced an update that includes a new LIVE feature and the ability to read posts by other members. The platform is a place for fans to interact with their favorite artists and share their opinions. The site hosts K-pop powerhouses like BTS as well as international artists such as Gracie Abrams and Alexander 23.

The new Weverse 2.0 platform will include a fan-to-artist messaging system and a personal virtual space. The company expects to launch the new version in July this year. The company has also partnered with financial technology company Dunamu to provide digital asset services based on artist IP.

Weverse is a free app and website owned by HYBE Entertainment, the company that produces BTS. Its content features exclusive content from 63 different artists and groups. It also includes free and paid content from HYBE. While this may seem like a small thing, the Weverse platform has grown immensely in just a few months.

During the pre-album roll-out of their new album, HYBE announced plans to launch two new platforms. The new platform will be called “Weverse 2.0” and will integrate with Naver’s V LIVE platform. Weverse 2.0 will also offer more features and functionality. Additionally, the new platform will have live broadcasting.

HYBE Entertainment’s TXTUniverse

HYBE Entertainment is releasing Original Stories in 10 different languages. These stories are developed by HYBE and will feature content developed by HYBE and artists. These stories will be released on the global webtoon service Naver Webtoon. The stories will include a story that centers on a fairytale girl who appears in front of seven vampires.

The TXT universe is a media franchise produced by HYBE Entertainment based on the characters of the ‘TXT’ group. The story revolves around the characters’ friendship, growth, and various supernatural abilities. The storyline has several elements of fantasy, including magic powers, fortune-telling, and a two-eyed cat.

The TXT universe was introduced in March 2019. It features a fictional storyline and a lot of easter eggs that fans try to decipher. In March 2019, the band released The Dream Chapter: Eternity EP and the music video “Can’t You See Me?”

The TXTUniverse allows fans to communicate and collaborate with their favorite artists, musicians, and brands. Through the TXTUniverse, fans can also purchase official merchandise and access exclusive content. The platform is currently available in 10 different languages, with 233 countries represented.

The TXT universe’s online platforms allow fans to interact with their favorite artists, share music videos, and engage in dance competitions. The members also show off their personalities through their social media accounts. Many of the artists have created guides for fans of their work to make understanding the system easier.

BeNX’s ARMYpedia

Big Hit Entertainment is communicating with the ARMY fandom through a site called ARMYPEDIA. The site consists of archival publications, videos, photos, and messages under 140 characters. In addition, it is a platform for BTS fans to communicate with each other.

The name of the site comes from a combination of ARMY and Wikipedia, which is synonymous with digital archiving. ARMYPEDIA is a curated database for BTS fans, and is designed for fans to share their experiences and memories about the boy band. Users can add photos and memories of the band.

Justin Bieber’s fandom on Weverse

Weverse is a new social network that connects artists and fans. It also plans to host concerts in the future. Naver, which owns beNX, is planning to integrate V Live with Weverse. Currently, there are four artists under Universal Music Group on the platform. In addition, YG artists will be added by 2021. Another Interscope label artist, BLACKPINK, is also on the platform.

In the early days, Justin Bieber’s fandom was mostly comprised of teenage girls. The community has seen its members ranging from doting fans to self-mocking trolls. Some female fans have expressed desire for sexual encounters with Bieber, despite being heterosexual.

HYBE, the entertainment agency that manages Bieber, has announced a star-studded lineup for Weverse Con 2022. The line-up includes many familiar stars, including Justin Bieber. The concert is an extension of HYBE’s joint concert ‘New Year’s Eve Live’ last year.

The event is a virtual celebration of the pop star. It will take place in December in Ilsan, Gyeonggi Province. The event will be livestreamed on the Internet. The event title, ‘New Era,’ is meant to imply a new era in music.

HYBE’s Weverse Shop

If you’re looking for official artist merch, HYBE’s Weverse Shop is the right place to go. The official store features official merch, as well as items that are exclusive to the shop. There’s also the option to purchase memberships that include exclusive access to events and merchandise.

While the Weverse Shop is still relatively new, it has already received some negative criticism from the Korean Consumer Agency. The Korea Consumer Agency (KCA) received a complaint from an international buyer who purchased a BTS membership kit from Weverse in January 2020 and has not received it after over a year. This is despite the fact that the buyer paid international shipping costs and paid a membership fee. As of May 2021, there were 13 complaints registered against the Weverse Shop, but these do not include any incidents that were never reported.

In addition, Jimin’s self-designed merchandise sold out almost immediately. Fans all over the world are eager to purchase his designer merchandise. However, the price of the J-Hope artist-made items has yet to be revealed. The brand is also looking into creating more BTS artist-designed merchandise. Meanwhile, Jung Kook has yet to release his merch line, but fans have seen previews.

HYBE’s Weverse Shop has also been the subject of a warning from the Korea Consumer Agency, as it has been accused of mishandling goods. However, this does not mean that the company isn’t trying to help its users. The Weverse Shop is a platform that makes it easy for fans to buy exclusive merchandise and subscriptions to Weverse content.

HYBE has also announced a partnership with Dunamu, a leading financial technology company. This partnership will involve the two companies establishing a joint corporation to conduct business related to NFTs. The partnership will also allow artists to own IP related to their creations.