Xfinity Benefits

Whether you’re video chatting with family or conferencing for work, having a strong internet connection is crucial. Xfinity Internet offers fast download and upload speeds for maximum productivity.

Xfinity customers can also enjoy many rewards such as $1 movie rentals, discounts on partner services, early access to games, sweepstakes entries, and gift cards. These offers rotate often, so make sure to check back frequently.

High-Speed Internet

A high-speed internet connection is an essential part of life. It allows us to do so many things, from streaming videos and movies to online shopping and telecommuting. It also allows us to keep in touch with friends and family through video conferencing.

But not all internet speeds are the same, and you’ll want to make sure you’re getting a plan that meets your needs. A good rule of thumb is to think about how much you use the Internet for each hour, day and month. A single MP3 file may take up three or five megabytes, while a HD movie or TV show will be several gigabytes in size.

A faster connection can also help if you’re an avid gamer or spend a lot of time in Zoom or Microsoft Teams meetings. Faster internet can prevent lag or dropouts, which can be frustrating.


As the name suggests, X1 DVR is the television experience that combines the best of cable and streaming TV. The set-top box can stream programming from all sorts of platforms, including Netflix and Amazon, and it will record shows and movies to a cloud-based DVR.

You get up to 500GB of storage space, which is a vast improvement over the typical 80GB on old DVRs. You can also watch recorded programs on any device, ranging from smartphones and tablets to computers and conventional flat screen TVs.

The X1 DVR also comes with a new interface that makes browsing through entertainment options feel more like surfing the web. There’s a customizable home screen, and you can pause and fast-forward through commercial breaks, too. You can even record multiple channels at once and set up recordings based on actor or director, as well as genres and ratings. It’s also possible to recover recordings that have been accidentally deleted from your X1 DVR.

Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity Mobile is an affordable option for Comcast customers with internet and tv packages. They offer a range of devices including the latest iPhone and Samsung phones, as well as Androids that work on their network. Customers can also use Xfinity WiFi hotspots across the country for high-definition streaming. They can also use international data when traveling to more than 200 countries.

Bundling Xfinity Mobile with other services offers significant savings. Customers can pay their monthly bill automatically using a bank account or debit/credit card, which can help them avoid late fees. They can also cancel their service within 30 days for a full refund.

Xfinity also offers affordable wireless plans for eligible families through the Xfinity Affordable Connectivity Program. These include people who receive Federal Housing Assistance (Section 8 Vouchers or PBRA), Supplemental Security Income, WIC, Veteran Pension or Survivor Benefits, or Lifeline assistance. You can check eligibility online. The program is available to residents in participating areas, and it’s easy to apply.

Xfinity TV

With Xfinity TV, you get access to the best in news, sports, and family-programming. You can also enjoy HD streaming, which ensures your videos look their best. In addition, Xfinity’s DVR can hold up to 150 HD hours of recordings. That means you can record Phineas and Ferb, White Chicks, and Saturday Night Live without ever worrying about erasing your must-watch shows.

Xfinity offers cable, internet, and phone services that can be bundled for lower pricing. But customer reviews have complained that the company often hides important information about costs and fees.

Xfinity’s X1 is a voice-controlled streaming dashboard box that combines internet and TV into one package. It has a large screen and comes with a free Xfinity Stream app for your mobile devices. It can access shows and movies through your Xfinity DVR, as well as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube channels, and more. It also includes a subscription to the new Comcast streaming service, Peacock Premium.